MoiI talk about food. A lot. I also like to photograph food, read about food, and go on culinary adventures. Starting a food blog was long overdue. The vision isn’t entirely in focus, but I hope you’ll stick it out with me anyway.

Two of the many things I love about food are the history it contains and its ability to bring people together. I’ll be sharing all kinds of recipes based on whatever’s cooking in my kitchen, but I’m also interested in culinary literature, the origins of what we eat, and the stories our food tells. (My grandma’s Thanksgiving spread immediately comes to mind—turkey and the trimmings, and also tamales.)

Love-Crumbs also features ideas for winning every potluck you ever attend. Because there’s always a winner.

April Dykman is a writer based in Austin, Texas. Drop her a line at april [dot] dykman [at] gmail [dot] com.


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