Homesick Texan

by April on April 18, 2012

I’ve been in New York for the past couple of weeks, visiting friends and wishing for a bottomless pit of a stomach so I could eat more more more of the delicious things all around me. And I have new “goal” dishes on my list of things to cook, like the perfect panna cotta and this wondrous thing called soup dumplings. New York City is a good time.

I was ready to come home, though. I suppose feeling homesick is a sign that you’ve got a pretty great life waiting for your return. I traveled home yesterday, to be greeted by family, a home-cooked meal, and this Italian cream cake.

Happy birthday (cake) to me

And because I’m still so spoiled by my parents, they gave me this:

A Le Creuset birthday

You’ve heard the story about the “dumb husband” who buys his wife a kitchen appliance on her birthday, right? He’s in the doghouse for thinking she would want a blender on her special day.

Well this story never includes enough information for my liking. I mean, was it a Vita-Mix? Does it crush ice better than their old blender? Maybe we should cut the guy some slack until we have more information.

But then again, I’m the type of gal who gets this Le Creuset Dutch Oven in “ocean” (what a beautiful color!) and starts dreaming of French onion soup and Poulet en cocotte (chicken in a pot).

Not that everything I cook in it has to be French, but it probably will be for at least a month or so.


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